Maze Of Realities 1 f2p

F2p adventure casual games and puzzles of Maze Of Realities: Flower Of Discord where you need to win hidden object games & solve brain teasers! These maze adventure games have no plot differences with the original look and find games, and its main feature is that you can find hidden objects and play entire mystery detective games absolutely for free! You're a missing person investigator. Your niece, along with her expedition members, has disappeared in the mountains in Greenland. While looking for them, you open a portal to another world. But soon it turns out that there's not only one world, but three: Arcalium, Atlantis, which is also known as the Underwater World, and the Parallel World! The balance between them depends on the magic flower called Anima that grows in Arcalium — its pollen produces the oxygen that is vital for Atlantis. But a stranger from the outer world stole it... You are to find the intruder and return Anima! 🌌 Find all the flowers growing in Arcalium to learn more about its flora! A f2p adventure continuation of the amazing maze adventure games & fantasy games awaits you in the bonus chapter of the point and click adventure games! Play brain teasers to solve puzzles and find hidden objects! 🌌 Show off your skills by earning achievements and replaying your favorite hidden object games! Each strange and horrible thing that you overcome will give you more strength! Play mystery detective games, maze and puzzle games to become a hero! 🌌 Keep an eye out for all the collectibles around fantasy games! Lots of things are waiting for you at every location to find hidden objects and solve puzzles, so play our maze adventure games! Tons of collectible books, morphing ritual items, and money in look and find games & casual games of the f2p adventure! 🌌 Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, music, videos, and more! Our hidden object games f2p adventure & mystery detective games have tons of bonus content for you to enjoy! Find hidden objects, solve puzzles, casual games and brain teasers in our point and click adventure games! Download one of the most amazing f2p maze adventure games – Maze Of Realities: Flower Of Discord! Play the game for absolutely free, but if you feel stuck or don’t want to solve puzzles, you may buy hints to help you proceed quicker! ----- Questions? Email us at Find other games on our official website: Become our fan on Facebook: Check out our Instagram and stay tuned: ----- Get ready for the f2p adventure of casual games and prepare to solve puzzles, brain teasers & look and find games, find hidden objects to finish our maze adventure games, mystery detective games and fantasy games!


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